Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Welcome Baby Davis

Announcing the arrival of our sweet baby boy
Davis Grant Orme
August 03, 2013
7 pounds, 15 ounces, 20.5 inches long
Healthy, peaceful and just right. 

I almost skipped writing Davis's birthing story.  I made every excuse I could think of but really, this is my journal and the only place I record my detailed memories right now. I wish that I did more writting but let's be honest here, I have 4 kids 6 and under and some things have got to go.  My classic multi-tasking ways equal my blog and journal are one in the same thing for now.

With thoughts of Davis completing our little family, quite possibly being our final addition, I am especially aware of remembering every detail about him.  I want to savour and enjoy every moment with this fresh, strong spirit that we are blessed to have in our home.

I had a scheduled induction planned for Saturday the third of August at 7:30am.  I woke up early and took and nice, long, hot shower.  The shower is my favorite place to pray and meditate.  I had chat with my little guy and told him to be brave and strong and that I would do my very best to be the mother that he needed and to provide him with a life of plenty and opportunity.  I prayed to my Father in heaven and asked him to bring me a healthy son and to protect me so that I could raise my children and grow old with them.

On our way to the hospital. we took a short breakfast detour on the way.   We stopped at Panera and I ordered a breakfast sandwich (eggs, ham and white cheddar on multigrain), with a mango smoothie and a strawberries and cream scone for dessert.  Every 9 month pregnant lady about to go into labor deserves a indulgent breakfast, plus I always get starving during labor.  I'm sure someday Davis will want to know what he had for his first breakfast anyways.

We headed to the hospital and we got all checked in to our birthing room.  I was certain that I would be holding my baby in my arms a few hours later.  For a little back story, my labor with Quinn was quick and uncomplicated and so I made the big mistake of expecting this labor to be even quicker and easier, it was my 4th after-all . . .  boy was I wrong.

My labor was very slow progressing and extremely exhausting.  Yes, that's what one should expect with labor, and it was a cake walk compared to Cayman's delivery, but I had false expectations and that's never a good thing.  Davis's labor was filled with fun things like passing out and throwing up.  His little heart rate kept dropping every time I had a contraction.   While I was pushing and making very little progress, about 30 minutes into it, we realized that he was sunny-side-up (flipped).  After pushing on my side, we were able to get him to turn some of the way and he came out sideways instead of upside down.

After 14 and a half hours of labor of which an hour and 40 minutes was spent pushing, our perfect little baby came healthily into this world.  Davis definitley has the loudest set of newborn lungs of our children, he came into the world pink and screaming.  It is such a relief once you realize your baby has come into the world healthy and whole.  The doctor and nurses quickly suctioned his nose and mouth and in less then 1 minute my baby boy was in my arms, skin on skin.  What a magical moment, there truly is nothing like it, holding Davis in my arms looking into his dark eyes for the first time is a sacred memory that will always be at the forefront of my mind. Another

He is now 1 month old today and doing great.  He eats like a champ and is starting to sleep better at night.  Cayman, Hudson and Quinn are absolutely in love and are so good with him.  Well, the boys are amazing with him and Quinn wants to take him around the house like her little doll, kind of frightening but it comes from a place and love.

I still can't beleive that I am a mother of 4!  Things are crazy but wonderful and I so look forward to this chapter of my life!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy's Little Q Bird!


Our sweet Quinn turned two last week.  She is such a happy, fun, bright little girl!  She is a light in our home and brings a whole new dynamic of joy to our family.  The boys adore her and I am grateful for the way that they play, protect and care for her.  With another little boy coming tomorrow I can imagine all of her brothers surrounding her and taking amazing care of their sister.  What a lucky girl!  

Here are some highlights that I would like to remember about Quinn at 2 years old. 
She has lots of nicknames and answers to all of them- 
Q Bird
 Daddy calls her Q Bird the most- it's basically the cutest thing around! 
A lot of our close friends including kids, call her Quinny.  It's so funny, she even refers to herself as Quinny. 
Quinn is a big time lover!  She gives me hugs and kisses all day long and loves to give them to her daddy and brothers too. 

She has lots of faces.  You can quiz her to make happy, sad, mad, scary, funny, and zombie faces and she has a specific expression for each emotion (or living dead - Cayman is proud of having taught her the zombie face).

Quinn talks really well.  She is already speaking in sentences and surprises us daily by the things that she says and asks for. She reads scriptures with us by repeating the verse back a few words at a time.  

She loves to say prayers.
She loves nursery at church and I think she is the only child in class who doesn't cry for mom and dad.  When it comes to social skills, Quinn is Ms. Independent. 

Quinn loves to put on makeup and lotion with mama! 
Quinn loves to be 100% girl and princess but she also loves to dig in the dirt for bugs and will play any "boy" activity.  Cars, trucks, dinosaurs, bad guys vs good guys, swords (she even says "die!!"), you name it Quinn is up for it!
She still loves to eat/taste non-food items.  Crayons, playdough, grass, sand, whatever she is curious about, she tests it out in her mouth first- so annoying!
     We absolutely love her enthusiasm for life!  Whenever we ask her if she wants to do something she screams "yeah!" in the cutest high pitch voice.  Whenever we mention going to someone's house for a playdate she yells "Ella's house! Fun!" or when she eats something yummy she says "so happy!" She'll come wandering into a room and say "ta-da!" as if she pulled off an amazing magic trick.

Quinn is a true girl as evidenced by:
  • her love for sweets, candy and chocolate which way surpasses any love the boys have for them.  She groans "hummm" with pleasure when she can get her hands on some and she can find sweets anywhere.  She is a scavenger for sweet stuff and a true master at finding it.  And when she does she comes straight to mom and begs, "just one, mommy, just one!"
  • she loves anything to do with princesses and always wants to be a princess in any make believe game.  For example, the kids and Graham were racing each other around the house and at the start of each race the boys picked something new they were racing as... "a scorpion, a tiger, a dragon, spiderman, etc." Each time they would ask Quinn what she wanted to be and she would say "sincess" (princess).  The boys would complain that a princess isn't very fast so she should pick something else, but she stubbornly held on to being a princess.  So the boys compromised with her... "do you want to be a cheetah princess?" "yeah!"

Q the birthday girl with her presents!

Hugging her presents

Daddy and his Q Bird!

Daddy and kiddos

The joy of opening a present!

Q's first Barbie doll (to Dad's chagrin)

Pure joy!

"Princess!" Quinn loves princesses and as we don't have many princesses in the house we stocked her up for her birthday with a Beauty and Beast princess Barbie and...

...a folding Disney princess castle.  It's set up in her room and she loves it!

Quinn's PINK birthday cake!

With Skittles!  Of course!

A flashback to Quinn on her 1st birthday! 1 year goes by so quickly!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Cincinnati Birthday Weekend

 BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!! This absolutely made my day!  Graham and the kids surprised me with with this gigantic birthday card.  The part with the pictures of all 4 of my kiddos just melted my heart! Graham is so thoughtful, this was the perfect way to start off my birthday!  

 I love how Cayman wrote his name all over the card. You can see by the drawings that the boys are both very into bugs. and other various creatures.  Naturally, mommy would love bugs all over her birthday card.  Like I said, it's just perfect, the best birthday card I have ever received by far.  

For my birthday, I decided that it would be fun to go to Cincinnati for the weekend with my 4 favorite people.  We got back from Michigan late the night before we left, so we quickly unpacked, did a few loads of laundry, repacked and headed to Cincinnati. It was basically part 2 of our family vacation. We stayed downtown, ate yummy food and went to a fun splash park and the aquarium. It was a blast. 
This might sound strange but I am excited about turning 30.  I feel like the best is yet to come!  Thank you for all of the birthday well wishes, I definitely felt the love!  

 Enjoying the sunshine on my birthday with my best friend while the kiddos play in the fountains. 


We had a great day at the aquarium, the kids absolutely loved it.  We will definitely be back. 

 Cayman posing with a Caiman Alligator- pretty sweet stuff if you ask him! 

 There are a couple of really big sharks in here, the kids were completely fascinated.  I think Graham and I enjoyed watching them just as much as the kids!  

 The peguins were also a big hit! 

I love penquins!   Whenever I observe them I feel like they are all having  super important conversations together.  Maybe I have seen Happy Feet a few too many times.  I am always waiting for a song and dance from the penguins! 

Touching the sharks was Hudson's favorite exhibit. 

Last but not least, the spider crab.  The kids loved this guy but more then that it represents the millions of pictures Cayman took on my iphone.  He also took a ton of short videos explaining the different animals and their characteristics, Cayman is as always, our little scientist. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lake Michigan and BYU MBA Fun!

During the week of the 4th of July, we met a great group of friends from grad school and camped together on Lake Michigan.   Grandhaven is a lovely picturesque little town and we are now big fans!.  We had quite the group with us, I think there were 16 adults and 27 kids and they all were 7and under.  The kids all had a great time playing together and I loved how they would just kind of disappear into nature, no toys or equipment were  needed, just imagination and friends.   It was also fun for us catch up with good friends that we don't see very often.  We spent most of our time on the lake and the weather was just right  (pregnant lady luck I tell you). We watched a fantastic firework show on 4th and we also spent some time checking out the adorable town of Grandhaven. The downtown area has a super cute kind of Cape Cod feeling and there is fun stuff for families to do as well.  If you are not a big camper, Granhaven would also be a great place to rent a beach house.  Anyone up for camping or beach housing it there with us next summer?  We would love to go back to Grandhaven! I completely forgot to take pictures of us with everyonne.  It was a great bunch and I would have loved to have captured some memories of us all together, hopefully I will remember next time! 

First things first, lets talk ice cream.  The Front Porch has amazing ice cream!   I am talking BYU Creamery quality, tons of great flavors, top notch and absolutely delish!  We went twice, 2 nights in a row.  If we would have found it sooner, we probably would have left our campsite on a nightly basis, we are suckers for good ice cream, especially on vacation. 

Just so you know what to look for when you drive all the way to Grandhaven Michigan for a great scoop (or two) of ice cream. 

 These gogles have changed Cayman's entire approach to swimming!  He suddenly loves to swim  and dive in the water as long as he has them on.  We are finally making major progress in the water- thank you orange speedo goggles! 

 The kids discovered  this sand bank and it was a fun source of entertainment.  They had a great time jumping off it over and over again, Cayman loved it. I was impressed with all of the crazy jumps they were doing.  The nice soft sand bellow made for pretty harm free fun. 


 Having a good time with whatever they could rummage up on the beach.

Quinn loved this sand toy, I am not sure who's it was but this made for hours of fun in the sand.


Quinn loves to play in the sand but she never really ventured too far into the water unless we took her.  It  made it really easy to watch her and keep her safe.  Thanks Quinn!

 Chillaxin, it actually happened a little bit, shocking but true. 

The boys had a blast getting buried in the sand!
Thanks daddy!  

Quinn wasl tuckered out from a full day of playing hard and  fell asleep while having a snack. 

We transferred Q to a blanket under the shade and she slept this way for a few hours right on the beach. 

So much joy! 

We tried paddle boarding for the first time and really enjoyed it.  A big thank you to Eric Fors for bringing your board along!   Cayman also went out with Graham and  I forgot to take a picture, it would have been a cute moment to capture.

I debated whether I should try a balancing activity so pregnant but I couldn't resist.  I started on my knees and then stood up nice and slow.  I can't wait to do this again (not pregnant).  

Literally this girl played like this for hours, she is a beach and sand loving little lady! 

Quinn's cute 4th of July Suit!

All set up in their little chairs getting ready to watch the fireworks.  This picture is kind of embarrassing . . . soda and suckers.  Not a norm but vacation +holiday = why not! 

Happy 4th from the Ormes! 

This is how a 8 month pregnant lady camps super comfortably for 3 nights.  Graham was such good hubby and packed up half of our house for me.   We slept nice and cozy on our double decker blow up mattress complete with a memory foam topper.  I don't know if a dingy therm-a-rest will ever be the same while camping.